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Weight is just a number:

You must agree that weight is nothing more than a number. What that means is that it does not give you a fair idea about the actual health that you are enjoying or the problems you are facing inspite of being in the range of an ideal weight. Therefore, we must never ever confuse our weight with the general level of well being that we experience.

People who sign up for programs to lose weight quit faster:

Yes it is true! People who join for feeling better and hoping for general well being are the ones who stay longer at the fitness centers while people who sign up with the sole purpose of losing inches and pounds are the most truant when it comes to working out on a regular basis and also the ones who will eventually drop out faster than they had joined!

There is more to exercising than just losing inches to fit into your favorite clothes!

Here are at least 20 good reasons why you must improve your lifestyle by hitting the gym and doing your share of fitness regime:

  1. It works wonder for your tired nerves; to the extent of reducing nagging unexplained pain also;
  2. Reduces agony of menstrual pains;
  3. Can eliminate stress and anxiety;
  4. It is claimed by scientists to increase a persons creativity;
  5. Can eliminate all sorts of pesky allergies;
  6. It is extremely good for your heart;
  7. Can spring your metabolism into great shape;
  8. Can increase the immunity in your body and help you fight all sorts of infections;
  9. It can increase your vision and help it from degenerating faster; and probably
  10. The best one is that you know that you start loving your body when you start going for work outs regularly without being prompted to.

There are many more benefits of working out including increasing your fertility and also your libido levels. If of late you have slipped into a lackadaisical mode or inertia of sorts, shake it off and move it up we say! You will never ever regret making healthy lifestyle choices. Infact your body will thank you for doing so and in turn be nice to you for many more healthy years. Cheers for a healthy life!